2022 Program: ‘World of Work’ Initiative

in Senior School News

On Wednesday 12th September the Year 9 students were treated to a day of career guest speakers as part of the ‘World of Work’ within the 2022 program. This incorporated experience and knowledge that will broaden their thinking and develop greater awareness beyond the classroom.

The speakers were from all different areas of the community who spoke about their journey from school to work and what characteristics were important to them and essential in growth and abilities to succeed within the workforce.

The professionals who spoke to Year 9, discussed what they currently do as a career and what journey they have taken to get to their desired job. The students were treated to 14 speakers that ranged from Health Professionals, Hairdressers, Real Estate, Global Finance and Corporate Business, Mayor of Bendigo, Electrician, Media and Marketing and Automotive Engineer. All speakers fostered students’ thinking in what qualities and commitment will help themn to succeed in their own journey within careers.

The day was designed to be informative through casual interaction opportunities for the students to feel free to ask questions that they normally would not think to ask and feel inquisitive to look further into careers or that ‘dream job’.