2023 ECP Day 1 Activities: Earth’s End and Your Survival

in Senior School News

Setting the scene:

Each Year 9 student had been selected as a team member of a shuttle crew to escape from Earth before all resources run out. Each shuttle had been allocated a planet. However, as chaos descended upon Earth, each team had to reach their shuttle. Rising sea levels meant that teams had to build a boat and cross a raging river, BUT hundreds of people were also trying to cross the river, so each team needed to be able to identify themselves by creating a flag, which represented their planet.

On Wednesday 21 November 120 Year 9 students embarked on their first triple lesson in the 2023 Programme. Students were divided into ten teams (planets) and had to design and build a bottomless boat which would hold all 12 team members, using only garden stakes, garbage bags and sticky tape. Once complete, each team had to collect a bucket of water and pass a boat inspection before being allowed onto an obstacle course. Each team also had to design a flag which represented key features of their planet and carry the flag in their boat. Teams had to work quickly and effectively in this series of challenge.

Day 2 of activities will involve a series of “survivor” style challenges with teams scoring or losing points depending on their decision-making.