Aerobic Success!

in Co-Curriculum

Congratulations to the Girton Aerobic Team who recently competed at the Melbourne Girls College Invitational.


1st place- Stephanie Carlson and Olivia Pitt; Level 3 Junior Pair

1st place- Gabriella Pitt, Kiara Primmer and Ana Karamaloudis; Level 4  Junior Trio

1st place- Alessia McCaig and Ruby Conti; Level 5 Intermediate Pair

1st place- Gabriella Pitt, Kiara Primmer, Ana Karamaloudis, Erica Mason and Clementine Maruff; Division 1 Junior Aerodance

2nd place- Erica Mason and Clementine Maruff; Level 4 Junior Pair

2nd place- Varley Bobart, Eliza Jackson Sloane, Lily Georgeos, Olivia Pitt and Stephanie Carlson; Division 1 Junior Aerodance

3rd place- Maggie Barber, Harriet Noble, Misha Gupta, Isabel Weibgen, Nikki Cheema and Julia Starr; Division 1 Junior Aerodance

4th place-Julia Starr, Amelia O’Rielly, Lauren Leung, Norah Rao and Maya  Dhanapala; Level 3 junior team

5th place- Maggie Barber, Ruby Banks and Harriet Noble; Level 3 Junior Trio

5th place- Misha Gupta and Isabel Weibgen; Level 3 junior pair

6th place- Lauren Leung, Maya Dhanapala, Amelia O’Rielly; Level 3 junior trio

6th place- Eliza Jackson Sloane and Varley Bobart; Level 3 junior pair

6th place- Siun O’Malley, Hazel Ziffer, Scarlett Shepherd, Aditi Kumar, Philippa Noble; Level 3 junior team

6th place- Imogen Mason, Sharoon Mirza, Alessia McCaig, Ruby Conti and Miriam Henry; Division 1 Intermediate Aerodance Team

7th Place- Aditi Kumar, Scarlett Shepherd, Siun O’Malley; Level 3 junior trio

7th place- Lily Georgeos and Nikki Cheema; Level 3 junior pair

8th place- Norah Rao, Philippa Noble and Hazel Ziffer; Level 3 junior trio