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At a magnificent Senior School Swimming Carnival last Friday, Frew proudly held the overall winners’ cup aloft and a rousing rendition of “Blue Beyoncé” earned Riley the coveted Spirit Cup.

Events like this represent the School at its best and we were blessed with perfect weather conditions, and a well-orchestrated event, with thanks owed to innumerable hard-working staff and students.

The most pleasing aspect of the annual Senior and Junior Swimming Carnivals is that whilst swimming is not for everyone, all students participate in some way on the day, almost without exception with a smile on their face and passion in their hearts. It is a day of both participation and performance, colour and competition, with the students enjoying a day of relaxed structure and routine. The impeccable behaviour of the students last Friday was a very pleasing demonstration of the degree to which our Senior students are comfortable bearing responsibility for themselves.

Today’s Junior School swimming carnival, I am sure, will be equally enjoyable and valuable to our younger students.

Today, a group of Music students from Years 10, 11 and 12 journeyed to Melbourne to see two of their peers perform in the prestigious Top Class Sounds concert run by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). Lily Begg (12 Jones) and Malakai Tokovic (12 Millward) had their original musical compositions performed at Melba Hall, alongside only a handful of students across Victoria, all of whom achieved an A+ in VCE 3/ 4 Music subjects last year. My warmest congratulations to Lily and Malakai on this wonderful achievement.

Also part of the VCAA’s Season of Excellence is the Top Acts concert, which will be held on 19th and 20th March at the Melbourne Arts Centre. Year 12 graduate from 2017, Khaden Jones, has been selected to perform at this concert having achieved a perfect A+ in VCE Theatre studies. Khaden will be the fifth Girton student in consecutive years selected to perform in Top Acts, a resounding endorsement for our Drama Department.

By the next edition of eLink, we will have welcomed Gojo High School students from Japan to Girton as part of an exchange programme that has been occurring for over twenty years, and our Girton Racing Team will have arrived in Singapore to compete in the 2018 Shell Eco Marathon. I wish the team of ten students competing with their revolutionary vehicle, the best of luck.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Girton Parents and Friends (GPF) will take place on 13th March at 5:30pm in M07. Girton Grammar School’s entire parent group, together with guardians, friends and grandparents are most welcome and eligible to join the GPF. Election of office bearers will take place at the AGM.

Matthew F. Maruff