Advanced Band visit Bendigo Pre School

in Junior School News

On Wednesday 6th June, the Junior School Advanced Band visited Bendigo Pre School to give a concert. The Girton students presented “Shining Day” and “Voyage of the Dragon Armada” to a very interested audience, who were inquisitive and knowledgeable about the instruments demonstrated. The pre school children were able to identify the ‘tone holes’ of each of the band instruments which was very impressive!

Members of the Junior Advanced Band introduced themselves and spoke about their instruments and how they produced a sound. Congratulations to the students on their public speaking!

Mrs Vine and Mr Turpie spoke to the pre school children about the different instruments and invited some very keen listeners to stand next to their favourite instrument for part of the concert so that they could watch how the students played them.

We are looking forward to our next visit in Term Four.


Mrs Jacqui Vine and Mr David Turpie