Aherne House Dinner

in Senior School News

Just waiting outside in the courtyard and waiting for your friends was fun. The theme for the night was Mario Kart and it was exciting to see the teachers dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and one or two Bowsers and Warios. Everything in the building was either Mario Kart themed or green. As we settled in and took our seats, the fun really started. Our MC’s for the night were Charlie and Grace and they did a fantastic job (no matter how many jokes they told) filling us with facts about our wonderful theme, Mario Kart. The food came out which was either lamb shank or a chicken mignon and it smelled amazing. Then the wide range of acts began –  Baby Shark from the Year 9s, The Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy from the Year 11s, the Year 8 All Kart (All Star but with the lyrics changed), Year 10’s Momma Mia dancing hit, Year 7’s Project X and the real memory of the night was the Year 12s doing the Nutbush and everyone joining them on stage. After the dancing, my friends and I hit the photo booth and got so many photos you couldn’t really keep track of who you had a photo with. We came back to the tables and ate our dessert (delicious) which was either a brownie or citrus tart. It was a shame it had to end though because it really is one of the better nights of the year. We were a tiny bit disappointed to go home – but with full tummies, sore feet and pockets full of photos, we were just glad of the wonderful experience and we look forward to next year’s House Dinner.


Rhys Pether, Elliot Haywood and Poppy Cornelius – 7 Aherne