Camps Week: Photography Video and Theatre Workshops

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Mr Peter Weaving delivered the Digital Photography workshop over two days during Camps Week in term one again this year. This intensive program covers the history
and future of photography with practical exercises and challenges. Students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and were highly engaged

His skill and knowledge is invaluable for our students after working for Newspapers and Magazines for many years. Mr John Phillips provided assistance and support.

A range of equipment was discussed and students were able to use their own cameras whether it was a simple point and shoot camera, iPhone or professional digital SLR. Students were initially introduced to the history and evolution of photographic technology and its processes.

Students learnt the concepts of depth of field, exposure, lighting, black and white photography and using Photoshop for image manipulation.

This year students incorporated their two-day video workshop as part of the photography short course as well. Students shot interviews of themselves reflecting on what they learnt. These were included in an extensive video interview with Mr Weaving talking about his experiences and his aims for the students. Go to the link below to view the interview where samples of the students work appear as well.

Photography with Mr Peter Weaving


The video students also worked closely with the Theatre Workshop students this year. On the first day they went through intensive video camera exercises for the first hour and a half then went to the Black Box Theatre to shoot a series of monologues using multi-camera video techniques shooting the Theatre group’s performances live in one take. These skills and pressures are similar to live television studio work. Mr Phillips passed on his knowledge in this area after being taught by Mr George Burnham during the 1980’s who worked at Channel 9 extensively in the 1960’s and 70’s working on many classic TV shows of the era including Graham Kennedy’s IMT and The Daryl Somers Show etc.

Mr Blake Barnard was brought in by Ms Jacinta Jackson to deliver intensive Theatre and Acting workshops. A series of complex monologues were prepared for the video shooting. All the students enjoyed these immensely.

The video students worked to a tight time line to shoot and edit these monologues completing them for a screening session on the second and final day in the Black Box Theatre.

You can view six of the completed videos produced by the Theatre and Video Workshop students at this link.

Black stache


Mad as hell ver2

Philosophy Class


X men Funeral


Mr Phillips
ICT – Digital Media Teacher