Code Red Fire Danger Rating

in Parent and Student Notices

As you are probably aware, during the warmer months, the CFA issues Fire Danger Ratings based on Bureau of Meteorology data and other environmental conditions that impact bushfires such as fuel load.

The school is not located in a “Bushfire at Risk zone” and closure of the school, especially on days declared Code Red, are at the discretion of the school.

The school’s policy is not to routinely close on days that are declared Code Red by the CFA.

The School’s Emergency Management Plan that outlines this policy is approved by the CFA.

However, should a pre-emptive decision be taken by the school to close on a forecast day of Code Red Fire Danger Rating, parents and guardians will be notified by SMS text message or phone call by no later than 1.00pm on the day prior to the school closure.

For safety reasons, no staff will be on-site at the school while it is closed and alternative care arrangements for your child/ren will need to be made. Whilst this is inconvenient, the safety of our students and staff must come first.

School will resume when fire conditions improve but should a consecutive Code Red day be determined, then the school will remain closed. The school will contact parents to confirm this by text message or phone, but you should assume in this instance that the school remains closed.

Note too, that the school does not close on days of extreme heat with buildings suitably set up to comfortably accommodate students and staff.

If you have any queries or concerns about this, please feel free to contact the school on (03) 5441 3114.