DAV School’s Competition Rounds 2 & 4 2018

in Senior School News

On the 23rd May the Girton Grammar School Debating Teams competed in the second rounds of the  Debaters’ Association of Victoria Schools’ Competition. The students conducted themselves admirably and had great success winning 7 out of 10 debates; a strong effort.

D1 Team

In D Grade, the D1 team consisting of Sophie Mayes (7Jo), Freya Nairn (7Jo), Sophie Tyson-Vallance (7Jo), Olivia Morris (7Je), Claire Hamilton (7A) and William Lovett (7Jo) competed in two debates, That we should prohibit gambling advertisements and That employers should adopt a four day working week, losing narrowly by 1 and 2 points respectively. Congratulations to Olivia and Claire for competing for the first time!

D2 Team

Our D2 team consisting of Viran Dhanapala (7R), Sharoon Mirza (7Je), Remus Brasier (7M), Aksharan Shobanan (7R) and Rhys Pether (7A) debating the same D grade topics as above, lost their first debate and won their second debate. Congratulations Remus for winning best speaker in both debates!

Special thanks again go to Mrs Barton and the Year 12 team who helped the Year 7s prepare for these debates.

C1 Team

In C Grade, our C1 team consisting of Dominic Tune (10Je), James Brown (10F), Noah Ashby (10F) and Dinith Tennakoon (10Je) won both their debates, That Australia and New Zealand should unify as one county, and a secret topic, That all schools should be co-educational.  Dominic won best speaker in the second debate. Congratulations!

C2 Team

Our C2 team consisting of Eliza O’Sullivan (9Jo), Aubrey Jacobs (9Jo), Janidu Hathurusighe (9Je), and Lasith Kulasekara (9Jo) debating the same C Grade topics as above, won both their debates. Both Aubrey and Eliza won best speakers; a great effort!

C3 Team

Our C3 team consisting of Will Hamilton (8Je), Eric Lovett (9Jo), Nathan Jones (9Jo) and Victoria Jeffery (9M) debated the second C Grade topic above, losing by only 2 points. Congratulations Victoria for competing in her very first debate.

VCE Year 11 Team

Our VCE Grade Year 11 team consisting of Thomas Millar (11Jo), Conrad Livingstone (11F), Abbey Saxon (11F) and William Everist (11A) won their debate, That Spain should grant independence to Catalonia, by 1 point, with Conrad winning best speaker. Nice work!

VCE Year 11 & 12 Team

Our VCE Grade Year 11-12 team consisting of Stephanie Brunner (12Jo), Charlie Wardrop (11A), Jordan Rogers (11M) and Max Tulloch (11Jo) won their secret topic debate That technology companies should not be allowed to utilise personal information for commercial activities and advertising, by 3 points, with Jordan awarded best speaker. Choice!

Congratulations to all who participated in the debates, either as speakers or research assistants; a wonderful effort!