Dogs in School Grounds

in Junior School News

For many families dogs are an important part of daily life. Indeed, for some, they hold a special place as members of the family.

While we appreciate the importance of pet ownership as an educational experience we also recognise that some children are not familiar with pets and can become quite anxious. It has been brought to our attention that there are several students who have become very anxious about dogs in the school grounds before and after school.

We request that dogs are not brought into the school grounds before or after school, as these are typically the busiest times of the day in terms of student movement.

We also ask that parents do not leave dogs unsupervised outside of the school grounds.  Should you wish to bring your dog (or other pet) to school for a special occasions, such as your child’s “show and tell” day, please advise the teacher in advance so that they can prepare the children.  For those parents with children who are nervous about dogs it would be helpful to talk to them about Assistance Dogs as we do have several Assistance Dogs who will be in and around the school.

Thank you for your co-operation and consideration of the needs of all students.