Drama Camp

in Senior School News

In the duration of camps week in 2018, some of the enthusiastic theatre students of Girton Grammar School, joined forces to face the many challenges of a program called Drama Camp. We were lucky enough to have been joined by a seasoned performer and past Girtonian, named Blake Barnard. He taught us many tricks of the acting trade, and provided us with a valuable snapshot of what being in the acting industry is like. The insights that Blake provided us will stick with us for the rest of our acting careers.

There were 9 students who participated in drama camp, who were asked to find a certain monologue from either a play, or film that we were interested in. Throughout the duration of the week we worked on these monologues, and Blake guided us and made refined tweaks to our performances. The monologues ranged from pirates to Mean Girls characters, to a man stuck in an elevator, to Forrest Gump, to superheros, to Shakespeare, and a Lady who had gone crazy from seeing a ghost. These were all displayed in unique ways and each had a different range of messages and emotional features.

There were many challenges that were faced during drama camp, including:

  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Being able to improvise if something goes wrong during the performance,
  • Being able to perform comfortably in front of an unfamiliar audience
  • Performing quirky and unusual scenes
  • Exploring different emotions
  • Staying in character / focusing during performance

My personal view on my times at drama camp, is that I know that I have learnt so much about portraying different emotions through acting and it has made a mark on how I will act in the future. I think that we were very lucky to have an opportunity like this, and to see such a dramatic improvement and growth in students at such a young age. We certainly became closer throughout this experience and more comfortable to perform outrageous and challenging scenes in front of people that we wouldn’t normally interact with in this way. The teamwork that was displayed through fun and energizing drama games, brought the group closer together, and gave students a taste of the close bonds that can be created through live performance and theatre.  I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in the arts and who would like to build more confidence within themselves. I would also like to thank everyone who had any part in providing us with an experience like this.

Georgia McMillan (10R)