Electronics Design Technology Course 2018

in Senior School News

The Electronics Design Technology course is a new elective for Year 9 students and follows on from the previous Engineering Design elective that was taught by Mr Crickmore and Mr Phillips. Mr Jacob Guidice is the new teacher and he comes with impressive credentials and experience in the area of Electronics and specialist knowledge in Robotics and Mechatronics.

Students are building a new circuit design that offers more flexibility including the facilitation of Picaxe coding on the circuits onboard programmable IC chip.

Girton teaching and technology staff Mr Rod Smith, Mr Peter Martin and Mr Jake Guidice have been instrumental in the design and implementation of this new innovation for the Steady tester.

In other Technology classes, 3D World students are custom designing and building a portable, battery operated cordless speaker using WiFi / Bluetooth technology that can be connected to mobile phones. It is wonderful to see the students focus on embracing design and innovation.