English Department offering opportunity for optional ICAS Testing

in Parent and Student Notices

Dear Parents,

The English Department will organise ICAS Testing from the University of New South Wales for your child if you feel they will benefit from an external, skills based assessment.  If you wish them to undertake this testing, on the set testing day/s time will be allocated, meaning they will miss one Period of normal classes on this day.

The benefits of testing are that each student receives an engaging and challenging full-colour test booklet, an individual diagnostic report containing detailed diagnostic data highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement, a UNSW Certificate acknowledging their level of achievement and potentially a University of New South Wales medal.

There is a cost involved, as well as a specific sitting date, depending on the test chosen: Spelling $13.20 (13th June), Writing $19.00 (14th June) and English $9.90 (31st July).  These prices and dates are set by ICAS.  Further information can be found by clicking the link for each test below.

If you wish for you child to complete any or all of the testing, please email scottlangan@girton.vic.edu.au The cost of testing will be added to your School Account in Term 3.  In your email, please indicate name of child, Year Level and the ICAS test/s you wish for them to sit.


Writing Constructing an aspect of a narrative text or a form of persuasive writing, demonstrating:
  • Language choices that enhance the writing
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Syntax and grammar
  • Text purpose and structure
Spelling Spelling of words that range from simple spelling patterns to difficult or unusual spelling patterns, in four different contexts:
  • Applying rules and conventions
  • Dictation
  • Error correction
  • Proofreading
English Reading and language skills in a range of texts. Students are required to locate, identify, interpret, infer and synthesise information in and about texts, focusing on the aspects of:
  • Reading for meaning in factual texts
  • Reading for meaning in literary texts
  • Syntax
  • Writer’s Craft
  • Vocabulary