From the Head of Emotional Intelligence

in Junior School News/Senior School News

During the week I received a copy of Microsoft’s summary report of the class of 2030.  It was forwarded to me by a parent. The strongest signal from the study was the need for teachers, schools, and school leaders to help students develop stronger social-emotional skills.  These skills along with technological advances will help build the workforce of 2030.

We are very proud of our relationship with The YALE Centre for Emotional Intelligence and the continued development of our RULER approach at Girton. We feel students are surrounded by amazing emotional intelligence opportunities here at Girton and can lead the way when heading into a work force wanting a rich emotional intelligence skill set.

Just this week we concluded our third and final parent education session for 2018. This year alone we have educated over 70 parents on the Emotional Intelligence program at Girton.  It is wonderful that so many parents have taken the opportunity to learn about the exact language, skills and approaches we use at school and attempt to use that exact language and approach at home.

Social-emotional skills provide students with the perspective and flexibility necessary to function at a high level even when faced with uncertainty, change, pressure, stress, and other work and life challenges. This is critical, because the Microsoft report distinctly points out that change and uncertainty are going to be increasingly pervasive for the class of 2030. Trends indicate the class of 2030 will change jobs more frequently than any previous generation, as across nearly all industries, the impact of technological and other changes is shortening the shelf life of employees’ existing skill sets.

The need for Social and Emotional skill building has never been higher and we are very pleased with the work we are doing in this field with our staff and students.

Our four year plan in this field currently has focus on emotional regulation and we are looking forward to developing self and social awareness in 2019.

Mr P Flanagan