From the Head of Junior School

in Junior School News

Welcome back to Term Two. I hope that everyone enjoyed some time with family and friends over the Easter break. This week has typified Autumn in Bendigo starting with a bit of light rain on Monday and very crisp mornings through to some warmer days toward the end of the week. The change to Full Uniform for Term Two and Three has been timely given the weather. Some parents have let us know that they are having trouble getting certain articles of the uniform supplied. If Bolton’s cannot supply part of the uniform please let us know.  Some parents have set up a Facebook page to facilitate the buying, selling and swapping of second hand uniforms. Please ask at Junior School Reception for the details. The school does have a strict uniform policy to which we insist children adhere. We also understand that there are occasionally individual medical circumstances that make the wearing of some items difficult. If your child has a specific circumstance where a special dispensation needs to be made the protocol is to speak with, or write to, myself or the Headmaster.

Mr Donald Thompson
Head of Junior School