From the Head of Junior School

in Junior School News

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the parents, staff and students who worked so hard to make the biennial Girton Grammar School Fair such a success. I know that there were many hours put into the preparation for the Fair, the running of the actual day and the pack up in the days after the Fair. The atmosphere on the day was terrific and I am sure that all who attended would agree that it was a successful community event. I know all of the students I spoke with on the Monday after the Fair were very excited to tell me about their favourite activities and stalls.

Last week around 300 of our students gave up some time on Wednesday to attend either the ANZAC Day Dawn Service or the Morning Service in Bendigo or one of the surrounding centres. It is gratifying to know that we have so many community minded students. These community services and our respective Junior and Senior School services on Monday and Tuesday were solemn and respectful ways of recognising the sacrifices and contributions of those who have served our country.

This Friday we will come together as a school to celebrate Foundation Day at the Sacred Heart Cathedral. This will be a 25th Anniversary celebration of Girton Grammar School, which came into being in 1993 following the financial collapse of Girton College. This year will signify 134 years of Girton as an educational institution in some form. The story of those who worked to build Girton Grammar School as a new, separate institution when the closure of Girton College was announced has intrigued me since I first heard about it on arriving in Bendigo. To be able to create a new, successful school while also maintaining an historical link with Girton College was an amazing feat given the tumultuous end to the former Anglican School. Foundation Day is a way of celebrating that successful transition. It is also another important way of connecting our students and families with our school. As with the Fair and the school and community ANZAC Day Services, the Foundation Day Service is a shared cultural event. As a school we have long recognised that students who have strong, positive connections with their school and their peers will be less likely to engage in risk taking behaviour. There is also considerable research linking positive school connectedness and lower rates of adolescent depression. This is one of the reasons that our school promotes these and other cultural events and connections. We want our students to develop their sense of connection and belonging to our school community in every way that we can.


Mr Donald Thompson
Head of Junior School