From the Head of Junior School

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If I were to pose the question – “Who was the most influential teacher in your life?” I wonder what your response would be.

When I first pondered this question many years ago my Year 6 Classroom teacher came to mind followed closely by my Year 10 Home Room and English teacher.  Both took the time to get to know me and made me feel that I was a valued member of their class. While I certainly appreciate the role both played in my education, if asked today I would have a different answer. When reflecting on the most influential teachers in our lives we should be looking a lot closer to home. Parents are a child’s most influential teachers. From the moment their children are born parents begin the role of teacher which will continue for a lifetime. Parents are a child’s first language teacher, first PE teacher, first music teacher, first math teacher, first art teacher. Parents teach children values, they support and encourage creativity and curiosity. Importantly parents encourage a love of learning. At Girton we value the role parents play in supporting their child’s learning and recognise that we educate children as a partnership.

One of our points of focus for this year is to instil in our students a love of reading. In the spirit of a learning partnership we encourage our parents to share with their children what they love about reading. Setting aside time for the family to share their reading experiences. Sharing with your children what you are currently reading and what you enjoy about your current books would support the reading programs that are currently being presented to students at school. I have certainly enjoyed speaking with our students about the books that they are bringing in to school each day. I have had some excellent recommendations from our students and look forward to getting through the books that they have suggested. Next week our school will participate in National Simultaneous Storytime where the whole school will join with schools around Australia and New Zealand in reading Hickory Dickory Dash by Tony Wilson. I have enjoyed reading some of Tony’s work this week and look forward to reading Hickory Dickory Dash with our students. In partnership we can help children succeed in becoming lifelong readers.

Mr Donald Thompson
Head of Junior School