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We knew that this year’s Senior School production was ambitious, if for no other reason than its sheer scale. We knew that both the cast size and the staging was vast and that it was going to be visually exciting. We also knew there would be capacity audiences at the Ulumbarra theatre and that the live music from ‘the pit’ would be outstanding. Despite all of this expectation and anticipation of a larger than life show, I am delighted to say that Peter Pan is spectacular.

Last night’s opening show was wonderful on many levels. For our students, the opportunity to perform live in front of 1,000 people is a rare privilege sometimes not afforded to actors for their whole career. What courage to step onto that huge stage and face a sea of expectant faces!

It was incredible to watch all the various elements of the show come together, knowing what is involved in getting a show of this size onto the stage. The music, lighting, sets, costumes, makeup, stage management and the actors were all on point and a delight to behold.

I must take this opportunity to thank parents who have supported children in this show. We do not take for granted the fact that the family car can quickly become a taxi during what is an intense rehearsal schedule and that students need support to meet their schooling and family commitments during this time.

There are balcony seats with good views still available for Saturday’s matinée performance and I highly recommend this incredible event to you.

The mid-year examinations in Senior School are complete and students are now immersed in Semester 2 academic content. Semester reports will be mailed home to families and available to view on Astra over the school holidays. These reports are intended to provide feedback to students and families to guide studies for the remainder of the year. They are not a stand-alone or conclusive measure of student ability or achievements. Any concerns that you may have should be raised with the relevant subject teacher and I urge you to use the Semester reports to have open and supportive dialogue with children.

It is always a delight to welcome back recent graduates to the school and this week we had some 2017 graduates talk to our current Year 12 students as part of our annual Strive program. The graduates shared their VCE experience with students and offered practical, and often amusing, advice for getting the most out of the final year of school. Last week, the Old Girtonians Association (OGA) also welcomed back three graduates to speak to Year 12 students at the annual OGA Careers event. The students heard from an actor, a lawyer and a community development expert, all with different journeys but with complimentary advice about surrounding themselves with the people who truly care.

This will be the final edition of eLink for the term before the students enjoy a three-week break. I hope that you are able to spend some quality time with your children. It is timely that we remind ourselves that good adults do not just happen. Children need to be shown the way, and when elders step up with patient resolve, so that the peer group does not become the substitute source of life wisdom, great adults are grown.

Matthew F. Maruff