From the Headmaster

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Welcome to Term 3.

I hope that you enjoyed time with family and friends during the holidays and that students are refreshed for another eventful school term.

I know that many parents will be glad to return to the normal school routine, which is understandable, given the degree to which modern parenting is sometimes overcomplicated. We are reminded constantly to meet the academic, emotional, spiritual, physical and social needs of children, whilst being careful not to over stimulate, underestimate, improperly medicate, helicopter or neglect our young charges. Not to mention the minefield of advice and peer pressure surrounding the appropriate use of digital devices.

Whilst we all want the best for our children, protecting them from as many obstacles as we can and making decisions for them that they are capable of making themselves, can lead to a lack of resilience. It is essential for young people to work through difficult times. It is part of the normal journey to adulthood.

The students who will tonight return from the World Challenge Trip in India have no doubt worked through many obstacles in their journey to navigate a foreign country that, even in the most flattering terms, is often described as a place of organised chaos. Our students show all kinds of resilience every day as they challenge themselves in a myriad of ways. This week alone we have had Outdoor and Environmental Studies students on a Ski camp; School Sport Victoria netball trials for Junior School; students in Years 7 to 10 played Sandhurst Division football; students from Year 3 to Year 12 competed in the School Sports Victoria Cross Country; Year 10 students took part in the Science and Engineering Challenge; and several students competed in the Victorian Aeroschool Championships.

And it’s only week one!

Faculty members spent two days this week exploring the profound question of, “What is the learning that matters now and into the future”. This is seminal to the work I have been exploring with Project Zero at Harvard University. I was delighted to see the intellectual rigour and scrupulousness with which the Staff operated over the two days.  It was a joy to work alongside dedicated colleagues who take initiative and who care so much about what they do.

I look forward to working with staff and students to ensure a productive and enjoyable Term 3 and to supporting students to make decisions for themselves.

Matthew F. Maruff