From the Senior Library: Writer’s Reference Centre

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Writer’s Reference Centre: The Fundamentals of Quality Writing

Provides the essential one-stop online reference for writers, with all the tools necessary to write and research effectively. This database can be accessed from the Senior Library page of ASTRA.

There are sections on:

The Process of Writing including rules for quoting and how to document sources correctly.

Grammar and Punctuation  – the nuts and bolts of writing.

A Guide to writing different types of Documents – letters, resumes, essays etc.

Research which includes information on how to develop your subject, gather your information and evaluate your sources .

The Reference Shelf includes a dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, word origins, clichés, proverbs, foreign words and phrases etc.

There are also many featured articles on common punctuation and grammatical errors, confused words, how to increase your vocabulary, the logic of a sentence and so on.