Girton Aerobics: Aerochallenge

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We had a great day at Aerochallenge last term with some of our Aerobic students competing in their first competition for the year.  The new leotards looked very smart and the students performed well.


The Girton team results were:

Mini level 3 trio- 3rd  (Amelia O’Rielly, Julia Starr, Pip Noble)

Junior Level 4 trio- 1st  (Gabriella Pitt, Kiara Primmer, Ana Karamaloudis)

Junior level 3 pair- 3rd  (Olivia Pitt, Stephanie Carlson)

Junior level 3 pair- 9th (Misha Gupta, Isabel Weibgen)

Junior level 3 pair- 12th (Lily Georgeos, Niki Cheema)

Junior level 3 pair- 13th (Maggie Barber, Harriet Noble)

Junior level 3 pair- 14th (Eliza Jackson Sloan, Varley Bobart)

Kiara Primmer- 2nd in level 4 junior individual

Intermediate level 5 pair- 1st  (Alessia McCaig, Ruby Conti)


Girton students competing with clubs:

Olivia Pitt- 1st in level 3 junior individual

Stephanie Carlson- 3rd in level 3 junior individual

Gabriella Pitt- 1st in level 4 junior individual

Ana Karamaloudis- 1st in level 5 junior individual and 2nd in level 5 pair

Ruby Conti- 1st Aerodance Junior Individual