Girton Grammar School Scholarship Information for 2020 (Testing in 2019)

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Scholarships available:

  1. The Academic Merit Scholarship (Means Tested)
    Available to new and current students  entering Years 5 to 9 in 2020
    Students sit an examination administered by the ACER Co-operative Scholarship Testing Program in February 2019 for 2020.
    Registration Closing Date:        Monday, 4th February, 2019 (midnight AEDST)
    NB  No late registrations are available.
    Cost:  $115
    Testing Date:             Saturday, 23rd February, 2019
  2. The VCE Scholarship (Means Tested)
    Available to new students entering Years 10-12
    Access to these scholarships is possible at any stage in the academic year for Years 10-11.  Year 12 applicants need to complete a full year.
  3. The Betty Higgs Music Scholarship (By Audition)
    Available to new and current students entering Years 7-12 in 2020
    Application Closing Date:  Friday, 5thth July, 2019 at 4:00pm
    Audition Date:  Tuesday 30th July, 2019 and Thursday 1st August, 2019
  4. The Performing Arts Scholarship (By Audition)
    Available to new and current students entering Years 7-12 in 2019
    Application Closing Date:       Friday, 5th July, 2019 4:00pm
    Audition Date:                            Thursday, 25th July, 2019



More details follow regarding these four scholarships



  1. The Academic Merit Scholarship: (Means Tested)
    Available to students entering Years 5 – 9
    This is a means tested scholarship for Academic Merit. Please refer to the Means Tested Criteria for eligibility.  The Academic Merit Scholarship will be awarded to good all-round students who demonstrate strong academic ability through ACER testing and good performance at the subsequent interview of short-listed candidates.

Students will be considered for a means tested scholarship for entry into Years 5-9 if they can demonstrate the following attributes:

1.1          They are students who have achieved strongly in the ACER scholarship test.  It is expected that students offered this scholarship would be able to achieve an ATAR in excess of 90 in the VCE.

1.2          They are students who have a conscientious attitude towards their studies.  Their school reports indicate that they try to do their best in each of their subjects

1.3          They are students about whom it would be said that they lead positively and well in the classroom, the playground and the wider community.  They may not hold formal leadership positions but they model good citizenship behaviours.

1.4          They are students who have some interests outside the classroom.  These interests could be in fields such as sport, music, dance, drama, community service, church activities or other areas of interest.

1.5          They are students who will participate enthusiastically in the many opportunities a Girton education will provide and who will proudly represent themselves as a member of the Girton community through their presentation and behaviour at all times.

Please Note:
Holders of an academic scholarship, at the Headmaster’s discretion, may be required to repay part, or all of the fees saved by the provision of the scholarship, if they depart the School before the end of Year 12.

Once a student is registered for the ACER examination the school will send further details regarding the examination date, time and scholarship process.

The Headmaster is the sole decision maker in respect to the award of the Scholarship.  The Headmaster will not enter into any correspondence or discussion about the success or otherwise of a candidate.  He reserves the right to modify the award, or not to award, at any time as he sees fit.

Please see our website  to view the most recent Means Tested Criteria (updated annually)

Please see our website  to register with ACER for an Academic Merit Scholarship.