Girton Hockey Club 2018

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The Girton hockey club consists of more than just the players. The students are certainly the most important ingredient and without them we don’t have a team, but like all sporting clubs there are many people involved to make it all work smoothly. The generosity of many individuals is the ingredient for success. We all know that success can be measured in an assortment of ways – winning is only a small part.

As a club we currently consist of two teams, Under 13’s and U/17’s. We intend to also have an U/15 team next year. With the U/17’s training and playing on a Monday night and the U/13’s on a Friday evening most parents would not be aware of the roles people play with the other team. We are a club and to assist you in becoming familiar with other members of our club we provide the following outline of our prominent members.

Girton Hockey Club
Captain: Emily Van der Drift: Year 12. Emily is also assistant coach of the U/17 team.
Vice-Captain: Amy Morgan: Year 10. Amy is also assistant coach of the U/13 team.

U/13 Team
Coach: Mr Glenn Bourke – parent of Darcy (7Je) and owner of Bourke’s Kitchens – many years of experience in hockey, playing at a high standard.
Manager: Mrs Liz Blanks – Teacher of Japanese at Girton and previous player with vast experience in hockey.

U/17 Team
Coach: Max Rowley – graduated from Girton in 2017 and played hockey with Girton for many years.
Manager: Mrs Carolyn Williams – Teaches History at Girton and has had many years’ experience as a hockey mum of a State level player.

Parent representative:

Mrs Fiona Jemmett, mother of Grace (7Jo) and has taken on the role as the parent representative in our hockey club. Fiona attends the monthly Hockey Association meetings and distributes information to the managers of our two teams. She is also the liaison person representing the parents in our club. Fiona has a vast knowledge of the hockey program and is a valuable contact for our managers and parents.

Although it took a little coercing, we were eventually able to gather some information from Fiona regarding her background in hockey. Hopefully by understanding a little more about Fiona it may make it easier for you to approach her.

Fiona Jemmett

“Hockey is considered the oldest ball-and-stick game in existence, but it has changed significantly in just a couple of decades”

Born and raised in Adelaide, Fiona started playing hockey at age 8 for her primary school which carried through into secondary school, where she played Under 13, 15, 17 and later umpired (pre-qualifications) for the Burnside Hockey Club.

In Fiona’s first year of university she played for the Burnside Hockey Club and then for Adelaide (both women’s A grade) which resulted in up to three games a weekend, winter and summer competition, before relocating to Roseworthy, a regional campus of the University of Adelaide for the remaining 3 years of her degree. The travel commitment to play for Adelaide became difficult so Fiona commenced playing for and later presided the University of Adelaide, Roseworthy Hockey Club. In that same year with the Barossa Hockey Association she was selected for the State Country team and the State Country Championships. Into her second year she sustained a hockey related knee injury prompting Fiona to reduce physical activity, only playing for the Roseworthy Hockey Club, then years later whilst working in Victoria she played women’s A grade in the East Gippsland and the Goulburn Valley Hockey Associations.

During this time Fiona played on grass (with mandatory mud and pot-holes), then sand-based synthetic transitioning onto the water-based fields we have today, which has enabled passing accuracy and ultimately a faster game. Rules changed, no more ‘bullies’ – remember the old ‘hockey one, hockey two’? Sticks have gone from wood with a large ‘hook’ to fiberglass or carbon making them lighter and more manoeuvrable, and face masks are now a welcomed addition especially when defending a ‘drag-flick’ where the ball can travel over 80km/hr.

Relocating to Bendigo in 2017, and after a hiatus of 20 years from hockey Fiona is now an enthusiastic parent representative for the Girton Hockey Club and supporter of hockey from the sidelines.

Hamish Archibald and Amy Morgan (VC)

Emily Van der Drift (Captain)