Girton Racing Team: Shell Eco Marathon Singapore

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The Girton Racing Team have been sedulous in preparing for the 2018 Shell Eco Marathon Asia. The event will take place at the stately Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore from March 7-11. This will be Girton Racing Team’s third year at the event, and they remain one of the very few high school teams in the world to take part in this university dominated competition. SEMA is one of the world’s most notable energy efficiency competition programmes. It engages students from all over the globe to challenge the boundaries of what is technically possible.

A passionate Girton team of ten students will work together in Singapore to cover duties of pit crew, driver, co- driver, media liaison and fundraising. The team, lead by Rod Knowles, Robin Kirby (Team Manager) and Lucas Kirby (2016 Je), Harrison Morley (11Je, driver), Connor McCaig (12Je, co-driver), Amos Walz (12Fr), Jack Edwards (11Jo), Jackson Dolman (12Je), Jagan Woods (12Fr), Jarrod Slot (12Ah), Karl Ferrari (12Fr) and Rob Wood (12Je).

The Team will be flying out to Singapore on Monday the 5th of March and are eager to see the last nine months’ work in action. The vehicle was delivered to Melbourne airport on Friday of last week, and the Team are now readying themselves for the trip to Singapore and making sure that they have their competition strategy finalised.

The 2018 vehicle has broken significant new ground for the Team as they transitioned from the vehicle used in 2016/2017.  By moving to a full carbon fibre monocoque construction, the team has been able to achieve a massive 15% vehicle weight reduction to arrive at a competition ready 30kg total vehicle mass.

Along with the weight reduction, the team has moved away from engine propulsion and built the new vehicle to be battery powered, the clear future for motoring worldwide.

The new propulsion system has had its own share of challenges, with a fine balance struck between having enough power to complete the course in the specified time, and a stringent regard for electrical energy consumed.

The vehicle body design, developed by former Girton student Lucas Kirby, has been motivated by wind tunnel testing of our 2015/16 vehicle at Monash University and boasts a 25% aerodynamic drag reduction from the previous Eco Marathon vehicle.

Team member, Jagan Woods, shares his thoughts:

What are you looking forward to most about this years’ event?

I am looking forward to seeing the innovation of other teams at the event, while also enjoying the culture of Singapore. I haven’t been to Singapore before, so it’ll be a rewarding experience, both to immerse myself in the event, and see the sights.

What have you enjoyed about the work leading up to the event?

I have enjoyed seeing the vehicle develop and evolve into the final product. The team has worked really hard and we’ve all taken on new skills along the way.

Team Manager, Robin Kirby, shares his thoughts:

What are looking forward to most about this years’ event?

The two touch points for me are passing the rigorous technical and safety inspections and making a valid competitive run that gets our team on the board. To tick those two boxes validates the immense amount of work that had gone on behind the scenes.

What have you enjoyed most about the work leading up to the event?

Working with my son Lucas and the rest of the team to bring his design dream come to fruition.


Jackson Dolman (12Je)