‘Guys and Dolls’

in Senior School News

Since the beginning of the year, Year 8 students have wrangled with luck and love, rolled with the punches and sung with swagger as they have immersed in a classic musical comedy that opened on Broadway in 1950.

Producing an oddball romantic comedy with Year 8 students has been a rollicking ride that has allowed students to build a range of skills, sometimes without them even realising it.  It has been a delight to watch rehearsals during drama classes slowly shape our young actors.  For some this has been a period of immense growth as a performer, for others, the production was the the first time that they took to the stage, overcoming nerves and remembering choreographed movements.

And of course, our deepest gratitude is extended to parents and carers for their support for Performing Arts at Girton and, in particular, for your contribution to this year’s Year 8 Production.  The logistical and emotional support that you have provided with our young performers allows the show to go on.