Welcome to the new eLink

in Headmaster

From the Headmaster: Welcome to the first edition of eLink for 2018. I hope that you have had a restful summer with family and friends. The students certainly appear refreshed and buoyed by the prospect of a productive and exciting school year ahead.

By now, you have likely caught up with the excellent 2017 VCE Results achieved by our departing Girtonians last year, which have again placed the school in the top 10% of the State. We celebrated with the graduating students last year within the wider and more substantial context of the Class of 2017 being educated to live a well-rounded and productive life.

The conversations I have had with our graduating students make it abundantly clear that they intend to keep developing both personally and intellectually and to take a compassionate approach with them through life. It has been a privilege to see this group of young people develop into self-assured and empathetic adults.

In our first all-school assembly of the year, students heard about the implementation of the RULER approach to emotional intelligence and the intention this year to focus on emotional regulation and how this influences personal reputation. Students will learn about strategies to develop productive and empowering responses to challenging situations.  

Your child has received a badge to help remind them that emotions can either help or hinder relationships and we were delighted that Professor Marc Brackett from the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence recently tweeted about this initiative:

For those who are new to the school, I encourage you to read the school charter titled “Imagine” which captures the essence of the school’s Mission and Values document and the personality of our school. The charter is the expression of how students and staff would like to feel at school and the behaviours required to support those feelings. https://www.girton.vic.edu.au/teaching-and-learning/pastoral-care/ruler/

Developing emotional depth and regulation in young people, which supports the subsequent growth of intellectual capacity will continue to define our teaching and learning approach at Girton.

Our 2017 Speech Night delivered everything that our school community has come to expect of this spectacular, meticulous and climatic event. Over the years, this major event has been the highlight of the year, providing an important platform on which to celebrate academic and co-curricular achievements of our students as well as enjoying an array of magnificent musical vocal and dramatic performances. This years’ School Spectacular, featuring music from the seventies, was a wonderful culmination and demonstration of the depth of student talents at Girton.

With over 1,200 students from Prep to Year 12, the shape and size of Speech Night has grown enormously since, for example, the simple event outlined in the programme below from 1942.

Whilst the importance of Speech Night will always remain paramount, this year, we will be reviewing the event in light of the size of the school and in particular, suitability of venue, timing and content. You will hear more about this in the coming weeks.

With swimming trials in the Junior School and Senior School already underway for impending Swim Carnivals, the Senior School Swim Carnival today, a tennis tournament already concluded, rowing regattas ongoing, a welcome event for new families hosted and auditions for the Senior School Production completed, 2018 promises to be rich and rewarding ‘business as usual’ for Girton Grammar School.

Matthew F. Maruff