ICT and RAW Arts

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This year Girton ICT and Digital Media students participated in the Raw Arts Festival in Bendigo 2018. Two entries “Accidents Happen” and “Mystery Girl” from Lachlan Trounson and Ethan Hobson were screened at the Capitol Theatre on opening night. An enthusiastic audience warmly received both films. Once again it was pleasing to see such a high standard of storytelling and film making techniques exhibited by our Girton ICT and Digital Media students. These films will be entered in the national One Minute Film Festival as well.

Go to the YouTube clip below to watch and listen to an interview with Lachlan about his film “Accidents Happen” which was also a winner at the Dahlia and Arts Festival at Star Cinema Eaglehawk this year.

We asked Ethan some questions about his films.

1. What is the main idea and story in your short film and what were you trying to convey to your audience?
My short film is about a man having a dream about a girl and then eventually meeting her in real life, the twist is that she reacts the same way which is indirectly telling you that she’s had dreams about him.

2. Tell us some of the most memorable things for you in the process of making your film and what were the main things you learnt?
The most memorable thing would be filming with the actors because they’re also my friends, we laughed about a lot of things which made the production process very enjoyable.

3. What were some of the main technical challenges?
The main technical challenge I faced was filming in the exterior setting. It was late in the afternoon and the sun didn’t want to wait for me or should I say for my actors. It took longer than necessary filming so the light changed throughout the shot. I had to do my best in editing to make an illusion.

4. What were you most satisfied about your finished film?
Knowing that I finished a film is satisfying enough because its not a walk in the park. All types of things can go wrong in production from actors to props but thankfully I didn’t face too many.

5. What other film opportunities you would like to pursue?
Well right now I am about to start filming for my 3/4 Media product. So my focus will aimed at this for the newt few weeks.