Introduction of the McWaters Medal

in Senior School News

Whilst attending his 25th consecutive House Dinner this week, Mr. Rick McWaters, was honored with the introduction of the McWaters Medal.

Mr. McWaters is currently the Head of Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care and is a former Riley Head of House. The medal has been introduced by Riley House and will be awarded annually at the House Dinner to a student in any year level for consistent demonstration of the Riley House qualities.

The spirit and intent of the Riley House motto, By Our Deeds, We Shall Be Known, has been encapsulated in Mr. McWaters’ long and distinguished time at Girton Grammar School. Mr. McWaters will retire at the end of this year but his legacy of “act justly, be kind and walk humbly” will endure at the school in the presentation each year of the medal in his namesake.

Following is the student speech that was given at the Riley House dinner at which the medal was introduced, to the surprise and delight of Mr. McWaters.


In your lifetime, we both guarantee that if not already, you will meet someone that leaves a long-lasting, forever standing influence in your life.

You will meet someone that you will always be grateful to know. Someone who has changed your life for the better.

Lachie and I are both so proud to say we have been grateful enough to of already met this person.

This man has inspired us to take risks, be ourselves, show confidence and lead by doing and not telling.

He has taught us how to lighten up any situation, told us some pretty awful ‘dad’ jokes, but most of all he has had our backs since we met him all those years ago.

Unfortunately, this very humble man is saying goodbye to the big blue house and the crazy school at the end of this year, and we wanted him to know how appreciative every single student at the school is for his efforts.

Mr. McWaters, you are a valued member of this school who will be greatly missed, and we would like to invite you to come forward, please.

 The leaders in our house decided that the impact Mr. McWaters has had on our house, and school has been so influential it needed to be recognised for years to come.

The leaders of the house decided that annually, at every Riley House Dinner, an award would be presented;

The McWaters Medal. 

The McWaters Medal can be awarded to a student from any year level in Riley House

The recipient will have demonstrated the values of Riley House, By Our Deeds, We Shall Be Known. These values were actively promoted and lived by the long-serving and respected former Head of Riley House and Head of Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care, Mr. Rick McWaters.

Students can be nominated by staff, other students or members of the wider community.

The name, date, and details of why the recipient is receiving the award shall be recorded for historical purposes.

Over the past six-plus years, the two recipients of the McWaters Medal have all the qualities that Mr. McWaters upholds.

They act justly, they are kind, and they walk humbly. They create a supportive atmosphere within Riley, make people feel accepted, but most of all, their enthusiasm and positive outlook they shared consistently with Riley House, will undoubtedly be missed when they depart us in the coming weeks.

This year we are proud to announce that the very first McWaters Medal recipients will go to…

Prudence Whiteley And Liam Radford.


Photo: Prue Whiteley and Liam Radford received the inaugural Mc Waters medal from Mr. Rick McWaters