Jenkin House Dinner

in Senior School News

Rain. Of course, it had to be raining tonight. Nonetheless, the night must continue. Walking through the doors, into the dry, coming to a wide, open room; a maze of tables, each with its own set of candles casting mottled shadows dancing across the walls; helium balloons, stretching towards the ceiling, trying to escape the tabletop; people everywhere; blue suits, black suits, polished shoes and dresses; the flashlight of a camera.; laughter and conversation. What an atmosphere. As the night continues, many speeches and acts make for great entertainment; music, dances and the occasional joke. Food is served, and consumed by many hungry people. Finally, a farewell to the Year 12’s. This will be their last time. As the evening ends, and the people slowly head for home, the room is quiet once more. What a night.


Aden Shanahan (10Je)