Junior Aerobic Students Compete at Aeroschool State Championships

in Junior School News

Our Junior School students had a huge day at the Aeroschool State Championships, and we now have State Champions in our midst for the Aerodance Division 1 category:

Gabriella Pitt (6 Jenkin), Ana Karamaloudis (5 Riley), Kiara Primmer (6 Millward), Erica Mason (5 Millward), Clementine Maruff (4 Millward)

5 teams competed in a huge section against 29 schools in the level 3 junior pair section. Two Girton teams make it to the top 15 and qualified for finals.

Lily Georgeos (3 Aherne) and Nikki Cheema (3 Jenkin) made finals.

Stephanie Carlson (3 Frew) and Olivia Pitt (3 Jenkin) 7th overall (qualified for Nationals)

Mini trio:
5th – Lauren Leung (1 Jenkin), Maya Dhanapala (1 Riley), Amelia O’Rielly (1 Jones)
6th – Norah Rao (1 Riley), Pip Noble (1 Frew), Hazel Ziffer (2 Jones)
7th – Scarlett Shepherd (2 Frew), Aditi Kumar (2 Jones), Siun O’Malley (2 Jones)

Aerodance Junior Division 1 Teams:
3rd- Nikki Cheema (3 Jenkin), Misha Gupta (3 Millward) , Harriet Noble (4 Frew), Isabel Weibgen (3 Riley), Maggie Barber (3 Millward), Julia Starr (3 Frew)

Also competing were Eliza Jackson Sloane (3 Aherne), Varley Bobart (3 Millward), Lily Georgeos (3 Aherne), Olivia Pitt (3 Jenkin) and Stephanie Carlson (3 Frew)

All Aerodance teams qualified for Nationals in Queensland.

Mini Groups:
6th- Lauren Leung (1 Jenkin), Maya Dhanapala (1 Riley), Norah Rao (1 Riley), Amelia O’Rielly (1 Jones), Julia Starr (3 Frew)
7th- Hazel Ziffer (2 Jones), Scarlett Shepherd (2 Frew), Siun O’Malley (2 Jones), Pippa Noble (1 Frew), Aditi Kumar (2 Jones)

Level 4 Junior Pair:
3rd- Erica Mason (5 Millward) and Clementine Maruff (4 Millward) (qualified for Nationals)

Level 4 Junior Trio:
2nd- Gabriella Pitt (6 Jenkin), Kiara Primmer (6 Millward), Ana Karamaloudis (5 Riley) – qualified for Nationals.

Well done to all competitors!