Junior School Cross Country

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Friday 25th May was the annual Junior School Cross Country.  Congratulations to all students who took part in the Cross Country.

Students enjoyed running the circuit with their peers, friends and class buddies.  Thank you to all the parents who came along to support the event and create the wonderful atmosphere of enjoyment. We must also thank our Year 8 students who have gave up their Senior School classes to come along and assist with the running of the carnival.

Many of these students have come through Junior School and enjoy the day just as much now as they did when they were competing themselves.

Congratulations to RILEY House for taking out the House Cup for the day and to all the Age Champion winners.

Age Champions:

Prep Boy
William Martin – Jones

Prep Girl
Evie Kruge – Millward

Year One Boy
Miles Crilly – Frew

Year One Girl
Ruby Miller – Aherne

Year Two Boy
Sebastian Ciancio – Aherne

Year Two Girl
Scarlett Shepherd – Frew

8/9 Year Old Boy
Lachlan Edwards – Jenkin

8/9 Year Old Girl
Ruby Flanagan – Jenkin

10 Year Old Boy
Hugh Dalton – Frew

10 Year Old Girl
Imogen Stewart – Millward

11 Year Old Boy
Oliver Schelosky – Jones

11 Year Old Girl
Zara Paul – Riley

12/13 Year Old Boy
Edward Cunningham – Jenkin

12/13 Year Old Girl
Kiara Primmer – Millward