Glasses with reflection on white background

Lion’s Recycle for Sight: Glasses Needed

in Community Service

“I paid a fortune for these!”

“I don’t want to see these go to waste.”

“I hope someone can gets some use from these”

Sight, being able to see, is something that many of use take for granted. For us who experience problems with our sight, we simply visit an optometrist and buy a new pair of glasses – right?

Unfortunately for many people this is not an option. There is no local optometrist, or they simply do not have the money to buy glasses.

This is why the Girton Leo Club had decided to help by collecting unwanted prescription glasses, lenses, sunglasses, even used contact lenses for the Lion’s Recycle for Sight.

During the last 26 years this non-profit organisation has donated over 7 million pairs of refurbished quality glasses to men, women and children in need who do not have the financial capacity to even purchase them. Each year over 600 000 used glasses are collected and refurbished to be sent to Africa, Europe, Middle East, Indian sub-continent, Southern Asia and Oceania.

So how can you help? Bring in any unused prescription glasses, sun glasses, lenses, contact lenses and leave them in the boxes situated at the Morey Reception, Naughton Family Building  or the Junior Reception and the Leo Club will take it from there.