Marimekko Exhibition

in Junior School News

In March, as part of the Junior School Art program, Year Three to Six students have been attending the Marimekko exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery.  Marimekko is a Finnish Design House that grew from the Helsinki based textile printing company, Printex. Printex was founded in 1949 by Viljo Ratia. Two years later his wife, Armi Ratia, having worked with promising young artists of the time to produce designs for Printex, founded Marimekko. 67 years later the brand is still going strong. Our students are participating in a workshop called Pattern Play: Design your own pencil case. Many of Marimekko’s greatest designs are based on simple shapes: flowers, leaves, spots and stripes.  Using these as inspiration students will first explore different ways of developing designs, from overlapping shapes and lines to experimenting with scale and repetition.