Musician and Composer of the Year 2018

in Senior School News

The audience was treated to a spectacular evening during Monday’s Musician and Composer of the Year, with a two-part concert consisting of 15 solo performance by various VCE Music students ranging in age from Year 10 – 12, and 5 live composition performances from the VCE Music and Style Composition class.

The evening was panelled by Mr Dave Martin, Mr David Steed and our guest judge, Dr Karen Schofield.

Dr Karen Schofield received her Bachelor’s degree with honours from Victorian College of the Arts, and her Masters and PhD from the University of Melbourne and has performed with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Dr Schofield has performed across North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and China and we were honoured to have her as our guest judge for the evening.

Congratulations go to all students on the night, with the following students winning awards:

Musician of the Year:

Nelson Beks (12 Millward) on Classical Guitar, performed Balkan Miniatures 6 and 7 by Bogdanovic

The Balkan Miniatures are an example of this hybridisation. Inspired by the obscure scales and time signatures of these Southern European countries, Bogdanovic wrote 6 “Balkan Miniatures.”


Musician of the Year – Runner-up:

Michaela Hulme (12 Aherne) singing Angel Eyes by Matt Dennis

‘Angel Eyes’ by Matt Dennis, from the 1953 film ‘Jennifer’. The movie is a gothic romance with early-50’s noir, regarding the mysterious disappearance of Jennifer the last occupant of an old and vacated estate.


Musician of the Year – Honourable Mention (Shared Equally):

Freda Paten (12 Jones) singing La Peau, Léon by Serge Rezvani

‘La Peau, Léon’, by Serge Rezvani, performed in the French language, translates to ‘the skin, Leon’, and details the dramatic deterioration of a passionate relationship, concluding in a vengeful murder.

Alicia McGovern (12 Riley) singing Satisfied by Lin Manuel-Miranda

“Satisfied” by Lin Manuel-Miranda, from the American Musical, ‘Hamilton’ is a present-day, recontextualised piece, and features rap sections, which greatly contrasts with the setting of New York during the American Revolution in the 1700’s.


Musician of the Year – People’s Choice:

Chaelim Ko (11 Aherne) on Violin, performed Romance by Svendsen

‘Romance, Op 26’, composed by Johan Svendsen, is a piece written for solo violin accompanied by piano or a full-size orchestra, having a major stylistic element of elegance, beginning with a tranquil, nostalgic vein then shifting to faster interludes adding a sense of anxiety, which is resolved in the calm, touching ending.


Composer of the Year:

Oliver Vine (11 Jones), live composition of Macedonian Journey

Macedonian Journey is representative of the journey the Macedonian people went through migrating to America in the World War 2 era, constructed in four sections featuring melodies structured around the Balkan mode which is the traditional mode of Macedonia, using asymmetrical meters, exploring various tone colours on the selected instruments and the influence of jazz.