Student absence: new digital notification system

in Junior School News/Senior School News

A new digital consent process has been introduced, which makes notifying the school of student absence simpler, more timely and more efficient.

The new procedure for notifying the School of student absence is via an electronic form on the School’s ASTRA portal.

Once you have logged onto ASTRA, please go to the Parent Services homepage and then to “Attendance Policy” where there is an “Absentee Form” button. Here, you can answer a few short questions and then electronically sign and submit the form. A notification will be sent directly to Absentees.

We ask please that the notification of student absence continue to occur before 8.45am.

The new notification of student absence via ASTRA will replace the current practice of parents sending a note to school with students and we encourage early adoption of this improved online consent system.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact Student Absentees on (03) 5441 3114.