News from the Senior Library: Bloom’s Literature

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This online database can be accessed on the Senior Library page of ASTRA.

Bloom’s Literature features content from Harold Bloom (award winning literary critic and professor at Yale University) including essays and criticism on thousands of great writers and their works.

To help students examine authors and their works, analyse character development and gain a visual insight of a story there is also an archive of more than 49,000 characters, articles on themes, timelines, images, 7000 video clips and more than 400 full-length videos of great literary performances .

The Literary Classic eBook Shelf contains more than 800 full text classics. This is accessible 24/7, no check in or out required.

The Shakespeare Centre covers every play in depth along with his sonnets and longer poems. Each play includes the full, searchable text, analysis of key passages, detailed synopses, in-depth character studies and much more. “The Play Today” section, offers an interesting perspective, comparing Shakespeare’s original works to some of the more contemporary adaptations. These essays examine how and why each play continues to be studied and why they are relevant today, discussing the significance found in the extraordinary themes and storylines, powerful characters and famous quotes of the original plays. This section also provides background information that will help students meet the challenges of understanding Shakespeare and his renowned works.

Students of English, Literature and Classical Studies will find information for many of their works studied this year including: The Odyssey, The Iliad, The Things They Carried, Macbeth, Frankenstein, Great Gatsby, Much Ado About Nothing, Heart of Darkness, The Tragedy of Coriolanus, The Hobbit, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men, The Taming of the Shrew, Pride and Prejudice and Julius Caesar.