We continue to interview and make offers to students entering Girton Grammar School next year and the following year.  Parents of students registered with a completed Application Form and fee are invited to contact the School to arrange an enrolment interview with Mr Maruff, Headmaster or Mr Don Thompson, Head of Junior School.  This process commences approximately 12 – 18 months prior to the year of entry and in order of receipt of the Application Form and Fee.

An offer will be made following the enrolment interview and parents are asked to respond and advise their decision within 30 days of the offer being made.

Current parents are reminded please, to submit applications for younger siblings in the future.  If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact me.


The School maintains an accurate database of students’ and parents/guardians’ contact details to ensure communications reach you.  If you have changed any of your contact details and have not notified the School, please contact the Registry Office and the changes will be made immediately.  It does help if you can include your students’ names and House.  If you feel other pertinent details may be missing from your students’ records, please also email them to me at the email address above.  This also reaches the Assistant Registrar, Mrs Alison Quick.


From time to time we receive requests from country, city and overseas families for homestay accommodation for their child, to enable them to attend Girton Grammar School.  This is usually required from Monday to Friday, but in the case of overseas students may be for the whole year.

If you are interested in offering homestay accommodation in the future we would be pleased to provide you with our homestay policies and further information.  This can often suit a family whose child/children have moved to a city to attend university or work.

Mrs Louise McWaters

To contact the Registry Office: