Unit 3/4 VCE Reports
In Term Three there are two rounds of VCE reports (Round Five and Round Six).  Round Five reports were published electronically to Astra on Friday 3rd August.  Round Six is expected to be published electronically to Astra by the end of Week Seven.  An email will be sent to parents when they are available.

Junior and Senior School – Term Three Reports
The Term Three Reports will be published electronically to Astra by the end of the term.  An email will be sent to parents when they are available.

Accessing Reports via Astra – “Academic Reports” Astra button
You can access your child’s Report via Astra – https://astra.girton.vic.edu.au.  The “Academic Reports” button is located under your child’s photo, to the right of their Timetable button. Select this and you will see all the Girton Academic Reports.    Only Girton Grammar Academic Reports are available via this new Astra feature, if you want other reports e.g. NAPLAN you need to select “Documents” on your opening page, then click on your child’s name to the right of screen, and the other reports will be under the subheading of “Government Reports”.

You can also see your child’s Timetable, Calendar, Due Work and lots more by selecting your child’s name on the left-hand side of the home page. To return to the Astra home page click the Astra logo on the top left.

If you are having trouble accessing Astra or need log in details please contact the Reports Manager; Mrs Heather Waterston.

Email and Mailing Contact details
An email is sent to parents from the Reports Administrators, notifying them when reports are available on Astra.  Please contact Reception if you need to update your current email or mailing address.

Reporting Overview
For information on reports for both Junior and Senior School please refer to the Girton Grammar School website http://www.girton.vic.edu.au via the “Curriculum” tab.


Important Contacts:

Mr Rod Smith (Head of Senior School Assessment and Reporting)

Mrs Viv Bath (Deputy Head of Junior School)

Mrs Heather Waterston (Reports Manager)

Mrs Debbie Hansen (Reports Administrator)