Now You See It, Soon You Won’t!

in Junior School News

This year, ten Junior School students will be participating in the World’s Greatest Shave to raise money for leukaemia. We will shave our hair off for a great cause. The reason we shave our heads is because the medicine for cancer makes you go bald. By shaving we will have a chance to imagine how some of those patients feel.

This event will be held on the 16th of March in the John E. Higgs Hall. Hairdressers from Jools for Jim will attend to shave the hair and we will have a guest speaker.

All students have a World’s Greatest Shave account. The students have been raising money for the past month. Oscar Polidano has made lots of lovely treats and is selling them in the Junior School staff room.

The students that are participating are Hunter Boswell, Nick Rowley, Claudia Stone, Amelie Woodward, Chloe Peter, Zain Muhammad, Bailey Dolan, Oscar Polidano, Mark Henry and Hamish Hindson.  If you would like to help support any of these students please go to: