One Act Play

in Senior School News

Participating in the One Act Play Festival was a fantastic way to start as a new student at Girton.

Everyone was so helpful and welcoming during the rehearsals and performances. I always looked forward to coming to the rehearsals to see my friends and do something I loved, acting! After the groups were formed they worked together to write up a script. Our group, made up of the amazing Darcy Bourke, Henry Jobe, Hamish Pollock, Louise Toomey and Jack Smith performed a piece titled ‘A Restaurant’s Love for Murder’, written and directed by Jack. I was privileged to play the role of Alice, the rich lady who (‘unexpected’ plot twist) murdered her husband.

Watching everyone else’s work was inspirational, as everyone did so well to create a new play from scratch in such a short time frame and then perform it at such a high standard. Performing first was exciting but also a bit nerve-wracking, an extra row was added to fit in the audience, this was a fantastic achievement as it demonstrates how popular the event is because of all the hard work and effort put in by the performers, teachers involved and the highly skilled backstage crew. Being backstage during the show is a lot of fun, you got to meet so many new people and make many new friends. Hopefully the audience couldn’t hear us though, because there was a lot of laughter that people were trying to smother! After the performances, awards were presented. There were awards for the Lead Actor and Actress in junior and senior sections (Years 7, 8, 9 and Years 10, 11, 12) as well as Supporting Actor and Actress. The Best Group award went to the ASTRH Squad, a very comedic piece about cookie prices at Girton, it was hilarious and the award was very well deserved. I was lucky enough to have been presented with the Best Lead Actress of the Junior Division. I am so grateful for this award as it gave me a much needed confidence boost for the start of year as I was nervous about whether I would meet Girton’s reputable standards.

The whole experience was brilliant and gave me a very good impression of the school. I look forward to new opportunities to perform and will definitely be back for One Act Plays next year! And to the audience, I hope you enjoyed the shows, we all did!

Erin Collins (9Jo)