Parent Education and the Emotional Intelligence at Girton Grammar School

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This term a number of parents have taken the opportunity to learn more about our Emotional Intelligence programme RULER and how it can be integrated into home life. At Girton Grammar School we know that environments are foundational to helping children and adults lead productive, healthy and fulfilling lives. Emotions matter for all of us and especially for children. How we feel affects our learning, the decisions we make, how we treat others and our personal well-being. Emotions drive learning, decision-making, creativity, relationships and health.

We were very pleased that forty parents took the opportunity to attend an information evening for in early May.  Here they were introduced to the Emotional Intelligence approach used across our school and ways they can begin integrating these skills into family life.

The overwhelming feedback on these evenings was very positive.  We still have another two information evenings coming up in May/June for those families who already have a background knowledge of RULER at Girton Grammar School and are looking for the next step.  It is titled Family Communication with RULER. We also have an information evening for parents of Senior School students discussing ways you can integrate Emotional Intelligence into your family life.

Why parent with emotional intelligence?

Research indicates that increased Emotional Intelligence leads to better health, academic achievement, and stronger relationships. It’s a learnable, measurable, scientifically-grounded skill set that helps children…

  • Navigate increasing complexity and stress
  • Foster positive, healthy relationships
  • Spark innovation and resilience
  • Nourish compassion and inner peace
  • Grow as a positive change-maker

The skills of emotional intelligence are learned — and we think parents are the most important people to teach these life-changing, world-changing skills.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming sessions.


Mr Paul Flanagan
Head of Emotional Intelligence