Parent Focus Group Opportunity

in Junior School News/Senior School News

Wednesday 14th November
5.30pm – 6.30pm
Performing Arts Boardroom


Academic feedback is strongly and consistently associated with achievement, providing clear goals and a mechanism for improving student confidence and self-awareness. We aim for feedback on student learning to be of the highest quality and meaningful for parents and students.

A parent focus group will be held next Wednesday 14th November to discuss the format of student academic reports and non-teaching parents of children in the Senior School are warmly invited to attend and to share their views.

The group will be given information about the current format of student academic reports, a new report format that was trialled this year for Year 12 students and a proposed new format.

A discussion about parental preferences related to information contained in their child’s academic report will be facilitated over a one-hour period.

Participants for the focus group will be included on a first-response-first-included basis with a maximum of 12 Senior School parent participants.

If you would like to be included in this forum, please email Mrs Alex Fisher via the contact below or phone (03) 4408 5985.


Contact Mrs Fisher: