Perceptual Motor Program

in Junior School News

During Term Two, as part of the 2018 Physical Education Program, the Preparatory and Year One classes were involved in a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). The program aims to develop children’s perceptions and understandings of themselves and the world through movement/motor experiences & challenges.  The PMP classes operated each Monday concluding after four consecutive sessions.

Under the guidance and training of Mr Doherty, students from Years Four, Five and Six acted as mentors to the little ones. The Prep and Year One students were placed individually, or with a partner, with their own senior student helper(s) who led them through a series of activity stations containing a variety of movement challenges.

Much fun and learning was had by all with many benefits shining within this program. The older students are given valuable leadership opportunities to act as mentors and, in turn, build strong relationships and connections within the junior students. The little ones get personalised attention enabling them to learn new skills, overcome body challenges and strengthen friendships.