‘Peter Pan – A Musical Adventure’ … A Sell-Out Success!

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The week of June 14th, 15th and 16th, was one looked forward to by all students within the performing arts area of the school as it is well known as the week of the Senior School production ‘Peter Pan, a musical adventure’. Bridie and myself, as production captains, had looked forward to to that moment ever since last year’s production finished. Undertaking one of the biggest productions the school has ever performed was something incredibly memorable for everyone involved whether it be performing in it or simply taking in one of three spectacular almost sold out performances.

After many, many months of rehearsals, we could all see the show starting to come together and excitement towards this being the schools largest production ever, we were nervous but so excited and more than ready to get to Ulumbarra Theatre to start performing. As the production date started creeping closer the “croc” was ticking to overcome big and small challenges alike and providing a great sense of accomplishment when we did.

The week of the show really saw things coming together and being in the performance space really started to see the script and our characters come to life. The addition of costumes and the orchestra really started to demonstrate the incredible amount of work put into the production by everyone. The amount of dedication put in by everyone really became evident seeing characters flying and crocodiles; the energy lifted making it so easy to be proud of the three incredible performances we produced.

I had multiple roles within the production being a part of the theatre studies class and undertaking my acting role as the Storyteller. I found it rather challenging to play my character as it was definitely out of my comfort zone but really rewarding once I finally grasped my character, as it was unlike anything I’ve ever done before and it was fun to interact with the other characters in such a different way. My favourite moment was the surprise plot twist at the end in which it was revealed that the story teller was in fact old Wendy. At every performance, I could feel tension from the audience as pure surprise kicked in.

Bridie  was cast as one of the lead Lost Kids that went by the name of Nibs. “Nibs is a very playful character that I could have lots of fun with. Nibs is one of the younger lost kids and is the under the leadership of Tootles and Slightly. I could definitely make this role my own. Some of the challenges I faced were that I had to be careful that I didn’t make Nibs seem little and defenceless as the Lost Kids throughout the show fought the pirates. Nibs was such a fun role to play and I enjoyed every minute of it! I would definitely recommend to anyone that they do a Girton school production.”

The production always allows for more connections and opportunities to get to know everyone involved who all share the same love of theatre and performance. Being an older student this time round, it was nice to know that I was in a sense giving back to an area of the school that has given me so much.

We speak on behalf of everyone when we say we are so lucky to have such wonderful teachers around us to support and help produce something so spectacular especially the work of Mr Pease who kept us on track and inspired throughout the entire process.

Photo Galleries

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Michaela Hulme (12A)
Bridie Hansen (10R)