Red Shield Appeal

in Senior School News

On Sunday the 27th May Girton students volunteered their morning to collect money for the Salvation Army and the Red Shield Appeal. Every year Girton makes a huge contribution to this great cause. Students knocked on the doors of Bendigo citizens and collected very generous donations. But you might be wondering what this money goes towards:

  • Family welfare assistance
  • Refuge for women and children in crisis
  • Homeless shelters
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Just to name a few. I really enjoy doing the Red Shield Appeal each year, it is extremely rewarding and the people from the Salvation Army are very grateful for all the help that Girton and its students provide. I find volunteering my time is an important thing to do, to help those less fortunate and lightening the load of the volunteers at the Salvation Army and other charity groups. Everyone will get something out of this amazing charity.

If you would like to donate to the Red Shield Appeal yourself go this to this link –

I will certainly be participating in the Red Shield Appeal next year and I hope you do as well!

Aidan Clemens (8 Millward)


One of our major Community Service events for the year is the Red Shield Appeal and again this year a massive effort was made by not only our students but also our parents. In Castlemaine, we had 25 volunteers go out door knocking and in Bendigo, 250 students collected much needed donations in 60 different locations around Bendigo.  We also had 60 parents volunteer their time to transport the student back to headquarters to count their donations and enjoy a delicious morning tea provided by the Salvation Army.

The amount raised on the weekend by Girton students was very close to $10,000. I am just waiting for the final tally from the salvation Army.

The feedback I have received has made me incredibly proud to be involved in this Community Service event. We received two phone calls on Monday morning from very impressed community members praising our students for their excellent manners, impeccable presentation and impressive behaviour.

The Junior School students have been putting their loose change from lunch orders in the Red Pig money boxes and this money will be added to the final total.

Mrs Rachelle Fisher
Head of Community Service