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Robogals Visit Girton

in Junior School News

With a mission to “inspire tomorrow’s engineers today”, Robogals will be visiting Girton Grammar School Junior School students.

Robogals are an international, not-for-profit, organisation that works to increase female participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through fun and educational workshops and initiatives.

The workshops are run by student volunteers all around the world and include robotics and engineering activities. They aim to get more students excited about STEM subjects and career pathways.

Workshops include a brief introduction to the different types of engineering. Students then take part in a series of engineering challenges designed to develop teamwork and problem-solving skills, including programming EV3 robotics, building structures from everyday materials and more.

Mr. Matthew Maruff, said that the workshops are a unique opportunity for Junior School students to get some hands-on experience in the world of engineering and expand what they are learning in their science and mathematics classes.

Junior School students (boys and girls) from years three to six attended the workshops over two days in Term 4.