Rowing: Head of the Schoolboys Regatta

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On Saturday 17th February, the Girton boys rowing crew arrived very early at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat and got ready to row in the Head of the Schoolboys Regatta. We raced in the Coxed Quad Scull Year 8 Division 2 event. We put the boat in and watched in awe as Scotch College rowed out from the bank. We rowed up to the start and got ready to race for five hundred metres. We came third in the heat in a time of 2 minutes 13 seconds.

We waited for the final. When the time was right we got back in the boat and headed up to the start line. After a bit of waiting we were racing, although it was a long haul from the start. Fifteen metres from the end, St Kevin’s College edged in front and crossed the line 0.43 of a second ahead of us. We were second, improving on our time by 5 seconds from the heat.

Aedan Hamilton (7 Jenkin)

My first rowing regatta

My experience of the rowing regatta was a massive thrill.  We started with getting the boat in the water and a big speech by our coach Damien Hickey to go long and strong.  We were also told not to rush up the slide because that puts the boat in the wrong direction.  Then we got in the boat and rowed to the starting line which was a struggle at first because we didn’t know where to go.  After much difficulty we were there at the 1000m line, where all the teams then rowed as a group to the starting line at 500m.  We got the call from our Cox Aiden to get our oars in the water and be ready, then we got the call “ready, set, go”, then we were off.  We had a couple of struggles at the start but got through it in the end and came third.

Then we had a 40 minute break, and then we were back into it, we put the boat back into the water.  We rowed to the start again but this time we didn’t have as much of a struggle.  This was the final so there was much more tension, and this one really counted.  We squared our blades into the water, we got the call… “ready, set, go” and we were off.  We were gliding through the water shouting to each other “long and strong”.  There was lots of shouting around us and as the Stroke I had to concentrate and keep everybody in time.  We were at the 150m mark, and then we heard the call from our Cox Aiden “bring it home boys!!!”.  That’s when the burst of adrenaline like no other came through us all.  That’s the time where we pulled our hardest and went as fast as we could to the very end.  We were lucky we did that, because the team next to us “caught a crab” and they slowed to a halt.  We were catching up rapidly to the team in front, but they pulled through one last big stroke and just beat us.  We were so happy that we came second, and it was a great experience with all the teams congratulating us.

We are motivated now to train harder and stronger to win in our next regatta.


Bailey Dalton (8 Jenkin)

Crew: Will Hamilton, Alex Carr, Wil Robertson and Bailey Dalton
Cox: Aedan Hamilton