Senior School Athletics Carnival

in Sport

Congratulations to Aherne House on taking out the coveted Spirit Cup and to Frew House who for the 15th Year won the overall Athletics Championship!

Age Champions:

13 Year Female
Emily Anderson 7(R)

13 Year Male
Patrick Byrne 7(Jo)

14 Year Female
Abbey Conquer (8Je)
Emily Everist (8A)

14 Year Male
Rhys Lourie (8F)

15 Year Female
Serryn Eenjes (9Jo)

15 Year Male
Camblar Kays (9F)

16 Year Female
Anastazia Robinson (10Je)

16 Year Male
Lachlan Nemet (10R)

17 Year Female
Amelia Campagnaro (11F)

17 Year Male
Elliot Beks (10M)

20 Year Female
Eva Harrington (12F)

20 Year Male
Archie Conway (12F)


Liam Clegg, Captain of Frew House:

“I was very nervous in the lead up to the Athletics Carnival, but I was relieved to know everyone in Frew was going to give it their best go. I felt like we had the whole House behind our efforts to defend the 14-year winning streak.

“Participation is everything although I still woke up three times during the night before!

“It’s hard to keep track of the accumulated points during the day, so it was not until the moment the winners were announced that we knew we had won the cup. As soon as Jenkin was announced as second, the cry went up from Frew and we did not even hear the point’s total.

“My brother was Vice Captain of Frew in 2016 (Ryan Clegg) so the whole family knew all about the history of Frew and the athletics cup and were texting me during the day to check in on results. It was so great to hold the cup up to mum when she arrived trackside.”