Senior School Parent Teacher Interviews

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31st JULY 2018 COMMENCING 4.30PM

Important Notice: The opportunity to book for the upcoming Senior School Parent Teacher Interviews will close at 4.30pm Thursday 26th July 2018. 

To make appointments for Parent Teacher Interviews please log in to Astra and then click on the “Interviews” icon, located at the top of the page.

Mr John McMillan, Mrs Viv McMillan, Ms Kirsty Nicholls and Mr Nigel Vernon are on extended leave during the Parent Teacher Interview times and are thus unavailable.

Due to a previous musical commitment Mr Steve Vine and Mr Michael Lichnovsky are also unavailable.  If you wish to discuss a concern with them, you can email them directly. To email teachers in Astra click on your child’s profile page, scroll down to their Academic Subjects and then click on the envelope next to the staff member’s name.

We ask that you make appointments only if you have concerns about your child’s report or if you need more information. There is no need or obligation to attend if you are satisfied with your child’s progress.


Thank you
Mrs Lorraine Ellis