Special Messsage from the Headmaster

in Junior School News/Senior School News

In the eLink earlier this year, I foreshadowed the possibility of change to the format of our annual Speech Night event. We have given this matter further consideration and we are now putting in place arrangements for a new, exciting format, which we believe will be valuable and enjoyable for the students who are formally recognised on the night and for audience members.

There is a multitude of detail yet to be finalised; however, I can confirm that for 2018, we will host Speech Night events for the Junior School and the Senior School on separate (consecutive) evenings at the Ulumbarra Theatre in Bendigo. The Junior School Speech Night will be a stand-alone event, with only the Junior School students involved. There are two options for the Senior School Speech Night. One option is to hold two separate events: one for Years 7 to 9 and another for Years 10 to 12.  These two Senior events would take place successively on the same evening, with a break between events.  A second option is to hold just one event for Years 7-12.  Seating arrangements would pose as our major constraint for this option; however, it might be possible, with creative logistical planning, to have a single Senior School Speech Night. This therefore is just advance notice to our parents that the format and venue for our 2018 Speech Night will be different, but the final format for the Senior School option is yet to be decided.

The Junior School event is tentatively scheduled for an early evening commencement on Wednesday 5th December 2018 and the Speech Night event for Years 7 to Year 9 will likely commence in the early evening on Thursday 6th November 2018, followed by a break and then the Year 10 to 12 event.

There will be common elements across all three events to honour the original, and still relevant, traditions and intent of a Girton Grammar Speech Night. However, the Music and Drama items will be more relevant to the age of the students in attendance and each event will run for a reduced duration of around one hour for Junior School and one and a half hours for Senior School.

We believe that this refreshed Speech Night format will allow a more thorough and relevant reflection of the students’ achievements and of the highlights of the year for each of the age groups. Certainly, the audience will be more comfortable in this venue.

We recognise that many parents will have children involved in multiple Speech Night events and we do hope that the new format will accommodate your needs by providing better flexibility for the family arrangements that we recognise are required to support this important School event. More details about the Speech Night events will be provided as arrangements are finalised.

Matthew F. Maruff